How To Use A Web Surf Proxy To Have Faster Speeds and More Security

Waking up and checking the Internet is a daily ritual for so many people. Not only is it a place where we work, it’s where our friends and acquaintances and idols and enemies update their status and tell us what they’re up to. There’s also more information than ever available at the tips of our fingers. However, more and more users are running into annoying restrictions with speed, geographic blocks, and security. However, technology to make your experience surfing the web is more available to people who are not computer science experts. Anyone can have a better browsing experience with a web surf proxy.

Web surfing proxies allow you to open up the Internet to its true global capabilities. For various reasons, countries need to limit access to websites based on where we are located around the world. If you want true freedom all over the Internet and the ability to keep yourself securely anonymous on the Internet, a web surf proxy is a great way to do that. Today, we’ll go over how to use proxies and why they’re a good idea.

What Are Web Surf Proxies?

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We talk about proxies a lot here at Blazing SEO and the many ways to use them for gaming, security, and shopping. Aside from all of these use cases, proxies are simply useful for browsing the web. Before we get into that, we’ll go over the way they work.

Every Internet-enabled device has an IP address. The IP address tells websites and applications where your computer is in the world so websites can give you a location-specific experience. There are also general rules and restrictions about how Internet content should respect geographic boundaries.

The problem with IP addresses is that certain companies can also track your personal device’s activity and hyper-target advertising to you. A lot of users find this annoying and creepy and want to have a more anonymous experience online. There are also cyber criminals and bad actors on the Internet looking for people’s personal information, so you want to avoid having all of your personal information easily tied to your IP address.

A proxy IP address is an IP address that acts as a barrier between your device and websites or applications. The websites see the requests as coming from the anonymized proxy IP address. This makes it a lot easier for a user to control how much of their information is available and how much of it is traced to their specific IP address.

Companies use proxies as a general security strategy because so many of them are working with proprietary information. Also, proxies allow you to do big web scraping projects. Proxies are necessary for web scraping projects because web scrapers are bots and can make websites suspicious of your IP address and ban it.

How to Use a Proxy to Surf the Web

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When you starting web surfing with a proxy, you have to decide what kind of proxy to use. All proxies have protocols in order to communicate with websites and applications. The most common type is an HTTP proxy, which can work with all websites. There is also the HTTPS proxy protocol, which is more secure and still communicates with most websites. HTTP/HTTPS proxies are best to use as web surfing proxies when you’re connecting them to a computer.

If you want to web surf anonymously on your phone, SOCKS proxies are the better call. SOCKS proxies are better able to communicate with applications on your phone than HTTP/HTTPS proxies. However, all of these proxies help you surf faster and safer on the Internet.

There are also three main proxy types: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy is one proxy IP address for one user. A semi-dedicated proxy is one IP address shared between a few users. These are great for individual users who want that extra layer of security and a speedier connection.

Rotating proxies are very high-level, best for companies working on a big web scraping projects and people who are really invested in web security. Rotating proxies rotate out new proxy IP addresses as often as you want. You’re essentially untraceable.

Benefits of Web-based Proxies

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Outside of all of the proxy types, there are general benefits that all users can take advantage of, no matter what kind of proxy they’re using.

Get around geoblocking

If you want to stream content from different countries or play video games with less lag, web surfing with a proxy is a great idea. Proxy IP addresses have locations all around the world, so if you get your proxy from a reliable provider, you can choose which country your proxy is located in.

For video games, you can choose a proxy that is located in the same country as your game’s server. This means that the proxy is sending requests across less physical space, which will reduce lag in your gameplay. In addition to unlocking global content, you’ll have a more seamless gaming experience. This is great for people playing massive MMORPGs because you don’t lose any precious seconds during battles.

In addition to streaming global content, you can use proxies to do global marketing research. If you want to do research about buying patterns in London but you’re located in Berlin, you can use a proxy to do search engine research with the benefit of local ads being served over your Internet connection.

Faster network speeds

Like stated above, you can find a proxy that is located closer to the server of the game you’re playing, which will give you faster network speeds. Proxies are also able to distribute traffic across servers, which makes your specific connection faster because the website traffic has been managed more effectively.

If you get your proxy from a reputable provider, especially if you go for a dedicated proxy, you’re also probably the only one using your proxy IP address. There is no crowding to slow down your connection.

Stronger and more trustworthy security

Like we discussed in the first section, web surfing with a proxy keeps you more anonymous and secure online. This is getting more and more important when bad actors and cyber criminals on the Internet are trying to collect private information and sell it. It’s important to have a handle on how to keep yourself safe on the Internet because it’s such an integral part of our lives these days.

Staying safe online shouldn’t have to be difficult, and that’s why a web surf proxy can help you. You can also have more global access to the Internet when you learn how to surf the web with a proxy. Getting past the barriers that structure the Internet can give you an overall better and safer experience online.

Finding the Best Web Surf Proxy

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You might be tempted to try one of the many free or public proxies that are available online as a test. However, free or public proxies will not give you all of the benefits of using proxies. Since they can’t regulate how many people are using a free or public proxy at once, you’re much more likely to experience lag and slower speeds. You also might have to deal with bans because people won’t be as careful about using the proxy IP address. There is also very little security for free or public proxies. When you’re looking for a reliable and reputable proxy provider, Blazing SEO has great options for you.

Datacenter proxies are a safe, affordable option for individuals and businesses looking to have faster browsing speeds without sacrificing online security. Based on how many you buy, you can get rotating proxies for as low as $1.98 per IP address. Blazing SEO also has a ton of custom plans available for businesses, as well as shorter periods (one month) during which you can see if proxies work for you. Blazing SEO also has 24/7 customer service from experts so you can always trust that someone will be able to help you.

Residential proxies from Blazing SEO are ethically sourced and great for people who want a super-reliable proxy. Residential proxies have IP addresses that look like they come from local Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These proxy IP addresses are much less likely to get banned, even if you’re using a web scraping bot. Although they’re a little more expensive, residential proxies are a long-term investment that you can trust will make your web surfing experience better over time.

Whether you’re going for a datacenter or residential proxy, Blazing SEO guarantees a top-notch product and high-level customer service so anyone can use proxies for any reason.

Final Thoughts

how to surf the web with a proxy

Web surfing with a proxy will make your online experience better overall. The problem with the Internet is that there is so much available all over the world, but we’ll keep running into problems if we don’t have the ability to unblock global content. A web surf proxy is very simple and usable for all types of Internet users. Even as online life gets more complicated, there are more ways for non-expert computer users to make the Internet work better for them. No matter what your skill level online is, you can level up your experience by using a proxy.


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