Yelp Proxies: What Are They And How To Use Them For Scraping

The quest to find the best local restaurant or the highest-rated repair man used to require a lot of leg work. You would have to search through reviews published in the paper or trust word of mouth floating around. Today, you need only one site to know you are about to order the best Chinese food near you. Thanks to the power of Yelp, finding quality eateries and services is a few clicks away. I live for reading customer reviews online, and the more accessible they are, the more I am bound to locate what I am looking for. But despite the reliability of Yelp and how high it always ranks among other travel sites, there are even more ways to use the tool than what is immediately known. Enter Yelp proxies.

Whether you are familiar with proxies or our entirely new to the concept, a Yelp proxy is a fantastic method of getting the most out of the site you love. In this blog, we will define what Yelp proxies are, different ways to use them, including scraping, and explore the best proxies available on the market. When you are on the hunt for a delicious meal, you want a restaurant that exceeds your expectations. Why accept anything less than extraordinary from your favorite travel website?

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What Is a Yelp Proxy? 

Proxy to write on Yelp

Before we jump into all of the benefits Yelp proxies provide, we first need to define the concept.

Without a proxy, your computer or smartphone is left exposed while browsing and you are forced to use the original IP addresses attached to a device. Every movement you make can be tracked by websites. They have the ability to see who (or what IP addresses) are coming and going from their URL. If you want more anonymity and protection online a proxy is the direction to take. In short, Yelp proxies are a bridge between your device and the internet. The proxy shields your original IP address and make those same websites think you are accessing their page from the location of the proxy server. This proxy server can be wherever you wish it to be. So, if you live in Asia but want to access American content, you would choose a proxy server that is located in an U.S. city. Not only do proxies allow you to browse the web without being tracked, but they also let you unblock content that might otherwise be restricted because of your physical location.

When it comes to a proxy for Yelp, you will be able to easily change your location and get quick access to reviews in the area you are searching in. The less tied down you are by your physical location, the more freedom you will have while using the Yelp site and the more restaurants and services you will be able to see, despite being far away from them.

Setting up Yelp Proxies

Buy Yelp proxy

Even if you are a total newbie to the proxy scene, you will have no problem purchasing and setting up your brand-new proxy. This was the part of the process that intimidated me the most at first, but as it turns out, it takes only a few simple steps in order to get your proxy ready for use.

First, you will want to purchase your proxy from a reliable provider online. This means you should avoid free proxies at all costs. While they can be enticing at first, free proxies are often unreliable and leave your device less protected than ever. Buying a proxy gives you more options and creates less stress.

Second, consider what kind of Yelp proxies you would like to purchase. Generally, the cheapest option are semi-dedicated proxies, but much like the free proxies, they do not keep you as safe as other alternatives. While low-cost, semi-dedicated proxies are shared by a small group of people, therefore forcing you to use the technology at the same time as someone else. Rather than compete with other for a strong connection, consider a dedicated or rotating proxy.

Dedicated proxies are proxies that you keep all to yourself. They keep your personal information safe and your identity secure. In general, dedicated proxies are the recommended proxy for Yelp, as they keep you protected and allow you more freedom while online. Alternatively, if you are looking to use Yelp proxies for web scraping, which I will dive into later on, a rotating proxy is a great choice, as they regularly rotate the IP address your device is using, which lowers the chance of getting banned while scraping.

Last, once you get your proxy. All you need to do is open up your preferred browser and enter in the proxy information into the settings section. After this, you will be ready to use your Yelp HTTP proxy while searching through the website. If you keep all of the information above in the back of your mind while shopping around for the best proxies, you will be set up for success.

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Yelp

Using proxy IPs for Yelp

As I mentioned earlier there are some incredible benefits to using proxy IPs for Yelp. Let’s dive deeper into those reasons below.


your security while online will grow exponentially. Yelp proxies hide your true identity so that you may click on different parts of the Yelp site without anyone knowing where you are browsing from. This helps protect you from potential hackers and other people using the private information shared on Yelp in order to gain access to personal data. Plus, you will be able to browse from the country of your choosing all without leaving your home.


Scraping is the automated act of data collection. A scraping tool is told to look for specific information by the user and then begins the process of gathering that data. Once gathered, that data is compiled into one neat document, saving the user the time and energy it takes to research on their own. Using proxies for scraping Yelp allow you to scrape larger amounts of information at once. Thus, saving you the trouble of starting and stopping the scraping process over and over. Remember the rotating proxies I talked about above? Those kinds of Yelp proxies minimize your chance of getting banned and prevent you from manually switching your proxy once you have scraped a lot of data in one sitting.

Reasons Behind Using Proxies for Yelp Scraping

Proxy for Yelp

Now that we know what scraping Yelp is, I want to talk more about reasons to scrape Yelp in the first place.

Customer reviews

The main reason to scrape Yelp using Yelp proxies is to gain valuable insight into potential customers. Say you own your own business and are attempting to rack up more customers by using sites like Yelp in order to promote your company. Without understanding who your target audience and what the consumer wants, getting new clients can prove tricky. Scraping the customer reviews on Yelp is a fast way to see the aspects of a company that people like and the parts of a company that people do not care for. You can see where businesses in your field go wrong and improve upon such missteps. For you to be competitive in your field, you need to know what people value most. Scraping is a quick method of gathering that insight.

Competitor analysis

Another reason to scrape is to gleam a clear picture of how many competitors are in your field and how they are marketing themselves to their customers. Scraping will allow you to see the kinds of pictures they post when promoting their business, take a look at a menu or a list of services that they offer.  In addition, you can also get a gauge on the number of like businesses in the area, which might factor into where you open a brick and mortar shop. You will be able to learn what sets them apart from the competition and then figure out a way to set your own company apart. If you jump into a crowded market without doing the research first, you might miss out on a big opportunity to carve out a unique brand. Scraping Yelp using your proxy is your fast solution to spending hours online doing tedious research on your own time.

Have another reason for scraping in mind? Don’t let me stop you! Just remember to always utilize reliable Yelp proxies when scraping Yelp for relevant information.

The Best Yelp HTTP Proxy

Yelp HTTP proxy

With all of this talk about how to use a Yelp proxy while on the site, you might be wondering what makes for quality Yelp proxies and reliable proxy providers. It is time to take a look at some of the most important aspect of buying the best proxy you can find online.

When looking for a proxy provider you will want to make sure that they offer competitive prices and high-quality products. Not only that, but make sure that you have options when it comes to buying a semi-dedicated, dedicated, or rotating proxy. As we discussed, what you use your proxy for will factor into the type that you end up purchasing. You will also want to find a provider that offers a large range of proxy server locations to choose from. The last thing you want is to be limited to a small number of locations and be forced to buy a proxy not housed in the place you hoped for.

Finally, be sure that the place you buy your Yelp proxies has a customer service team that is ready and available 24/7. That way, should you have any questions about the proxy you purchased, there is someone who can easily answer any and all concerns. Once you find the right provider that sells proxies at the price you are looking for, you will be in a fantastic spot to purchase multiple proxies at once and start using them to look up reviews on Yelp and scrape in large quantities.

Final Thoughts

The search for quality food and services is never ending. Not only do great places close every day, but new businesses are constantly opening their doors. For this reason, it can be difficult to know where to spend your money and when you should look elsewhere for the services you need. But do not fear, that is where Yelp, and better yet, Yelp proxies come in to save the day. In order to stay in the loop on what consumers what, how you stack up against the competition, and what is happening in business communities around the world, get Yelp proxies. Your time spent online will not only be more valuable, but you will also get the most out of a site that you already loved. Remember to do your research before you commit to a proxy provider and you will be set up to succeed on Yelp and beyond.

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