Proxies For eCommerce Data Extraction

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Our proxies are perfectly optimized to avoid the bans incurred during data scraping and to ensure maximum uptime for all of your scraping projects.

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We offer proxies all over the world, and more locations can be added on request.

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No hidden fees. No more worrying about the amount of scraping you’re doing. Blazing is built for the enterprise user.

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Automate your proxy management with a simple, powerful, developer-friendly API.

Proxies for eCommerce

Running a successful eCommerce business means staying on top of the competition – they are moving fast; you need to move faster. You need proxies that will keep you anonymous while you collect unlimited amounts of the most accurate eCommerce data available. You need something that’s fast enough and powerful enough to handle massive amounts of data. In short, you need Blazing SEO.

Why do I need proxies?

Proxies are part of the table stakes for successful online business – including eCommerce.
eCommerce scraping lets you get realtime price analytics from your competitors’ pages, which lets you rapidly respond when they offer significant discounts or increase their prices. It also lets you scrape their product pages to look for changes in their marketing strategy.

What keywords are they targeting in the product name? What kind of reviews do they have for social proof – and what are the keywords in those reviews that are driving people to look at them and mark them as “helpful”? Let’s face it: without proxies to provide you with realtime data from anywhere you need it, you’re flying blind in the cloudy skies of the modern eCommerce industry.

Why do I need Blazing SEO?

Bottom line? We know web scraping. Our expert team is standing by to set you up with the right combination of subnets, ASNs, and IP addresses to dodge bans while conducting eCommerce data extraction. Our proxies give you unlimited bandwidth and can be set to rotate automatically, while giving you total control through our world-class API. Trusting Blazing with your most delicate scraping jobs is a no-brainer – see how we’re outclassing the competition here.


Billions of scrapes served to our customers every month.

Unlimited bandwidth, which maximizes optimization for efficiency and affordability. With API support for developers.

Frequently asked questions

What type of data is used for eCommerce?

eCommerce proxies are most commonly used to scrape price data. But any publicly available information can be collected en masse using proxies. Proxies let you conduct sentiment analysis by scraping customer reviews, analyze your competitors’ product descriptions, and collect other marketing data that helps you compete with other online sellers.

Why are proxies needed for eCommerce scraping?

The largest eCommerce sites don’t want to share their data. If they detect a scraping bot, they’ll ban the IP that scraping activity is coming from. Fortunately, scrapers are designed to work with lots of proxies, so they can immediately switch to the next IP address when one goes down. This gives you uninterrupted access to data.

How fast are your proxies?

All our proxies are on dedicated 1 Gbps network lines. Unlike most other providers, we do not oversell our proxies and ensure all speeds test to the full 1 Gbps.

Do you allow proxy replacements?

Yes, and we offer two ways to replace your proxies. Every 30 days you can opt to have your proxy list automatically refreshed to an entirely new set of IPs. Or you can also replace individual IPs for free every month. Normally, your number of monthly replacements is equal to the total number of proxies you order, but we can also set up custom rotation plans on request.

What locations are available?

We offer proxies from the USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. And we add new countries every month!

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