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Use the best proxies to manage your brand, test ads, optimize CPA, and verify links with real desktop and mobile device IP addresses.

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With proxies in 14 countries (and more upon request!), you can reach your full potential with global campaigns and ad monitoring abilities.

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All Blazing SEO proxies come with 1 Gbps network lines and unlimited bandwidth. The sky’s not even the limit!

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With its simple, powerful, and developer-friendly interface, our proxy management API works for you and your brand.

Proxies for ad monitoring

Hackers and malicious internet users are always on the lookout for ways to damage legitimate brands. By placing your online ads and website links on harmful websites, they can weaken (or even destroy) your credibility and reputation in your industry. But there’s good news: with proxies from Blazing SEO, you can protect yourself from these malicious attacks by monitoring your ads and verifying each and every ad location on the web.

How can proxies help?

Without proxies, you risk handing control of your online ads over to hackers and other malicious online users. You need a legitimate way to keep tabs on your ads so you can monitor and boost your ads, while making sure you’re the only one benefiting from them. Learn more about how proxies from Blazing SEO help brands monitor and verify their online ads.

What makes Blazing SEO different?

Maintaining control over your online ads isn’t just about finding a resource; it’s about finding the best resource, and let’s face it: that’s Blazing SEO. Why? Because we know that in a world where fraudulent activity is so prevalent, you need a proxy partner, not just a proxy provider. Blazing SEO goes above and beyond when it comes to giving you the tools you need to give your brand the power it needs.


Billions of scrapes served to our customers every month.

Unlimited bandwidth, which maximizes optimization for efficiency and affordability. With API support for developers.

Frequently asked questions

What is ad fraud?

Ad fraud can cover a variety of malicious online acts: faking traffic numbers, laundering impressions, automating ad clicks, and more. When hackers or malicious internet users manipulate your ads or hide them from legitimate customers, they can damage your brand, revenue, and reputation.

How can proxies help me detect fraudulent activity?

Proxies are commonly referred to as “the middleman” between your internet connection and the websites you want to access. They allow you to ethically disguise your online identity so you won’t get flagged from customer websites when you’re trying to collect true, reliable ad compliance data.

How fast are your proxies?

All our proxies are on dedicated 1 Gbps network lines. Unlike most other providers, we do not oversell our proxies and ensure all speeds test to the full 1 Gbps.

Do you allow proxy replacements?

Yes, and we offer two ways to replace your proxies. Every 30 days you can opt to have your proxy list automatically refreshed to an entirely new set of IPs. Or you can also replace individual IPs for free every month. Normally, your number of monthly replacements is equal to the total number of proxies you order, but we can also set up custom rotation plans on request.

What locations are available?

We offer proxies from the USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. And we add new countries every quarter!

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