Proxies For SEO Monitoring

Take charge of the SERPs with insight powered by Blazing SEO proxies.
Our precise, geo-targeted proxies minimize bans and maximize uptime while scraping the data that SEOs and digital marketers desperately need.

A Deep Pool

We have 300,000+ IPs spread across 9 ASNs, 14 countries, and 20,000 C-class subnets.

No Bandwidth Limits

Blazing SEO is built for marketers who are serious about scraping. We’re not here to scam you with hidden bandwidth fees – instead, we provide the throughput you need for huge scraping jobs at no additional cost.

World-Class API

Automate your SEO monitoring with a simple, powerful, developer-friendly API.

SEO Proxies

With proxies, you can scrape organic keyword results to track your SERP rankings, location switch to optimize for local search in different regions, check your page translations, scrape pages for keyword analysis, and more!

What are proxies?

Proxy IP addresses replace your real IP address in the eyes of websites. This means you can use proxies to see what a website (or a SERP) looks like in a different location from wherever you’re natively located. They also allow scraping bots to dodge IP bans from search engines that don’t want you to have the upper hand in data analysis.

How are proxies used for SEO?

Proxies – combined with a scraping tool – let you take your SEO monitoring to the next level. Make your web data collection effortless whether you’re scraping search engines, competitors, or your own web page. See what your site looks like from different regions and in the eyes of different Google algorithms.

What sets Blazing SEO apart?

It’s in the name – we know SEO, and we can prepare a custom package that will provide enterprise customers with the right IPs to minimize bans and maximize uptime. With a huge pool of proxies spread across a large number of ASNs, you can feel safe knowing that a ban won’t take out all your IPs in one fell swoop. In fact, our IPs can be set to rotate automatically while giving you total control through our world-class API. And that’s just scratching the surface of the Blazing SEO difference – learn more here.


We serve billions of scrapes to our customers every month and send petabytes of data over our end-to-end infrastructure. That didn’t happen by accident. There’s a reason marketers just like you trust Blazing for their SEO monitoring needs.

Frequently asked questions

What type of data is used for SEO monitoring?

SEO proxies are most commonly used to scrape SERP data. But they can also help you build backlinks, view your website from other locations, and scrape the pages of the distinguished competition for competitive marketing analysis.

Why are proxies needed for SEO monitoring?

The largest search engines don’t want to share their data. If they detect a scraping bot, they’ll ban the IP that scraping activity is coming from. Fortunately, scrapers are designed to work with lots of proxies, so they can immediately switch to the next IP address when one goes down. This gives you uninterrupted access to data.

How fast are your proxies?

“Blazing” fast. Get it? All of our proxies come with dedicated 1 Gbps network lines and are tested regularly to ensure that their speed remains constant.

Do you allow proxy replacements?

Yes. You can choose between having your proxies automatically rotated every 30 days, manually rotating a select set of proxies once a month, or setting up a custom replacement plan with our customer success team. Either way, the process is free and instantaneous.

What locations are available?

We offer proxies from the USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. And we add new countries all the time!

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