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You need a vendor you can trust. A partner to help your scraping succeed. You need Blazing SEO.

“We’re not just another faceless proxy company. Hear from our CEO”

The Blazing SEO Difference

We know that there are a great many proxy providers competing for your business. But none of them maximize uptime and minimize bans like Blazing.

No Downtime

We work harder than any other provider to ensure 99% uptime.

24/7 Technical Team


Our senior engineers know how to deal with any situation that could cause downtime as soon as it arises.

Huge Monitoring System


Our proprietary monitoring system, trained on hundreds of thousands of proxies over our years in operation, immediately notifies our engineers of potential downtime.

Data Center Redundancy


Our proxies are located in more than 10 data centers and spread across 6 autonomous system numbers (ASNs).

End-to-End Hardware Control


We own our IP infrastructure all the way up to the bandwidth provider, giving us total control over all factors that can affect uptime.

Immediate Proxy Rotation


If we detect that a server is down, our system rotates you to working IPs immediately. You'll never lose all your proxies at once.

High Availability


Our proprietary systems handle massive throughput - around 25 petabytes of data per month.

Fewer Bans

Blazing SEO makes sure you can always access the sites you need for your particular use case.

IPs Over 9 ASNs


If a site bans an entire ASN, we have eight other ASNs we can immediately rotate your proxies to. Few other proxy providers can promise this level of redundancy.

Self-Owned ASNs


We own two of those ASNs. This means we can control the usage of those subnets to avoid bans. To our knowledge, no other proxy provider has purchased and set up their own hardware and software solution to physically own IP addresses in this way.

Subnet Diversity


Our IPs come from tens of thousands of C class subnets spread over dozens of unique B and A classes. Most providers have only a single class A subnet.

We Can Create New ASNs


This option, available to enterprise users who are willing to pay extra for ultimate control and security, is something no other proxy provider can provide.

Our Products

Data Center Proxies

Our flagship offering of over 300,000 data center IPs is the cheapest and most efficient solution for many enterprise customers. With free unlimited bandwidth and your choice of 9 ASNs, we think you'll find this product is a cut above the competition.

Residential Proxies

Our static and rotating residential IPs come with the same great customer support and API access that defines all of Blazing's products, but also experience fewer bans. We believe we set the bar for ethical residential acquisition and usage - learn more!

Proxy Pilot

Our free proxy management application (currently in beta) lets you manage cooldowns, retries, and more using a simple interface and provides advanced statistics relating to the performance of your IPs.

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