Proxy Features

Besides “just” being the most reliable proxy provider on the planet, we believe we offer a superior product in terms of technical features. Read on to see why customers trust our proxies to serve up billions of scrapes every month.

By The Numbers

9 ASNs

Provides maximum redundancy and diversity. Most sites with anti-proxy protections will only ban one IP at a time. But what if they ban an entire ASN? While other providers can only scramble for a solution, we’ll just instantly rotate your proxies to one of eight other ASNs so your work can continue unabated.

17 Countries

We offer proxies from the US, the UK, India, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Seychelles, South Africa, Mexico, and the Netherlands. We’re adding more every month, and if you need to request a new one right now, just head over to our Enterprise page.

300,000+ IPs

The most important thing with proxies is to avoid downtime that comes from bans. The best way to do that is to use a diverse proxy pool so that your proxies can’t all get banned at once. Our massive IP infrastructure lets us provide that diversity on an unprecedented scale – and we’re always adding more!

20,000 Unique C-Class Subnets

We work with you to customize your diversification across subnets to get the right combination of performance and cost. Not only do we have an extreme diversity of C-class subnets, but A- and B-classes too. Check out one of our ARIN profiles for proof.

25 Petabytes per month

That’s a lot of bytes! Our ability to handle this level of throughput didn’t happen by chance. Customers recognize and respect the quality of our infrastructure when compared to other providers.

By The Features

Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Connections

Free Replacements

Intuitive Dashboard

Proxy Types & Authorization

Need custom features? See our Enterprise page.

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