Bulk IP Leasing

Blazing SEO is excited to announce a new service for you, Bulk IP leasing! If you are in need of leasing a large number of IPs, please use the contact form below to get a customized pricing quote from us today!

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Clean IP Address


We offer clean IP addresses that have never been used before to ensure the best possible performance. We do this to ensure that these IPs will work exactly as you need them to for your use cases.

Multiple Locations


We currently offer IP leasing at 3 different locations. New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Chicago are ready for use for your leasing needs. We plan to expand to more locations in the near future!

Proven Track Record


Blazing SEO has a proven track record of providing quality products to our customers. We know the industry and know how important uptime is for you!

Tier 1 Data Center


Our tier 1 data center locations allow for maximum uptime for your needs. We also can offer top of the line security through these data centers.

How It Works

Letter of Authorization

Want to host the IPs on your own network? Then this method would be great for you! We will provide you with a LOA that will allow you to host your IPs on your own network.

Blazing SEO Hosted IPs

Looking for Bulk IP leasing without all the hassle? Then our Blazing SEO Hosting option is for you! Simply let us know how many IPs you need, and we will set up a IP and dedicated server just for you!


Letter of Authorization:
As low as $0.60/ip/mo
LOA emailed upon purchase Contact Us
Blazing SEO Hosted IP Leasing:
As low as $0.40/ip/mo
Dedicated Server Lease Required Contact Us
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If you are interested in a pricing quote, please fill out this form in full. After receiving your information, we will then generate a customized price for you. To ensure a quick turnaround on your quote, please be sure to include all requested information.