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Now you can solve UNLIMITED captchas for one low monthly payment!

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Blazing OCR is the best solution to solving captchas without having to pay per captcha solved. Most traditional captcha breaking involves humans typing your captchas for you - which gets costly fast. Our service is unique because we charge you a flat monthly rate for the amount of simultaneous captchas we solve for you, and after that you blast away for unlimited solves that month!

Buy our service to have access to the following OCR that solves these images (and many more below)

        - recaptcha OCR
        - recaptcha v2 / noCaptcha OCR
        - Yahoo OCR
        - AOL OCR
        - Hotmail OCR
        - Mail.ru OCR
        - Rambleru.ru OCR
        - Yandex OCR
        - Reddit OCR

        - and many moreā€¦

Have any questions? Need help setting up our API? Feel free to contact us at: support.blazingseollc.com

Name Category Example Pixel Size Success Percent
Google Blue Google
200x70 30%
Google Green Google
200x70 9%
ReCaptcha - Audio Google
1x1 95%
ReCaptcha - noCaptcha Google
Select all images of taxis.
300x300 30%
ReCaptcha Two Words Google
300x57 20%
ReCaptcha Version 1 Google
300x57 51%
ArticleMS CMS
200x60 81%
Drupal CMS
180x60 42%
TikiWiki CMS
182x52 40%
Wordpress NEW CMS
175x60 62%
Wordpress NEW (small) CMS
132x45 50%
Wordpress Peter's Spam CMS
160x50 51%
Wordpress Peter's Spam (No Logo) CMS
110x50 52%
WordPress RED CMS
180x60 91%
Wordpress Sabre CMS
180x60 39%
AOL Email
240x100 51%
Hotmail Email
200x100 73%
Mail.ru Email
300x100 58%
Rambler.ru Email
300x60 79%
Yahoo Email
290x80 22%
Yandex Numbers Email
200x60 58%
Yandex Russian Letters Email
200x60 59%
MyBB Forum
200x60 38%
PHP Link Directory Forum
266x87 92%
PHPBB Old Forum
320x50 98%
PHPMotion Forum
210x50 91%
SFM Forum
230x36 70%
SFM Hard Forum
181x36 35%
vBulletin Forum
201x61 30%
Sosblogs Guest Book
180x30 98%
Avito Other
180x60 62%
Avito Small Other
90x30 45%
Pastebin Other
200x70 91%
Sitescrack Other
96x30 80%
KCaptcha New Regular Captcha
160x80 49%
KCaptcha New (Small) Regular Captcha
80x60 60%
KCaptcha Old Regular Captcha
120x60 42%
KCaptcha Old (Small) Regular Captcha
80x40 50%
Number - 1 Regular Captcha
50x16 98%
Number - 2 Regular Captcha
55x20 100%
Number - 3 Regular Captcha
65x25 94%
Number - 4 Regular Captcha
70x20 97%
Number - 5 Regular Captcha
72x30 92%
Number - 6 Regular Captcha
81x31 93%
Number - 7 Regular Captcha
100x100 100%
Number - 8 Regular Captcha
120x30 96%
Over 45 types from captcha.com. Average Accuracy. Regular Captcha
250x50 42%
Facebook Social
280x71 50%
Oxwall Social
200x68 61%
Reddit Social
120x50 70%
VKontakte Social
130x50 20%

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