ISP Proxies

Do you have problems with authority? No, not like that – with the authority of your proxies, we mean. Then we have the solution for you. ISP proxies get fewer bans than data center proxies and are easier to maintain than their rotating counterparts.

5 Real IP ASNs

Our partnerships with Verizon, Comcast, and others provide maximum redundancy and diversity. Most sites with anti-proxy protections will only ban one IP at a time. But what if they ban an entire ASN? While other providers can only scramble for a solution, we’ll just instantly rotate your proxies to one of four other ASNs so your work can continue unabated.

1 Gbps Speed

Because an ISP proxy is still based in a data center, you get the “best of both worlds”: residential-level authority and ban prevention combined with data center speeds and availability.

100% Ethically Sourced

Our ethical standards are second to none, and we impose strict quality control. For the majority of our products, we are direct providers with owned hardware, which means you get longer IP address health and better performance than many other options available.

The #1 US-Based Proxy Provider

We are the largest US-based proxy company, dedicated to building a partnership that goes beyond the support of any other proxy provider. Since we own the best ISP proxies, we can give you unmatched control and customization over your residential proxies. Learn more

ISP Proxy Pricing



5 to 99 proxy IPs



Save 4% on orders of 100 to 999 proxies



Save 8% on orders of 1,000 to 4,999 proxies


Contact us to save 30% or more on orders of 5,000+ proxies.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Connections

Intuitive Dashboard

Proxy Types & Authorization

24/7 Support

Need custom features? See our Enterprise page.

We now offer ISP IPs from the US, UK and Germany!


Why do these proxies cost more than Blazing SEO’s other IPs?

Because they work better. We’ve tested these IPs ourselves, and they perform much better than our data center IPs for use cases that require a high degree of authority.

Do you offer HTTP, HTTP(S), and SOCKS proxies?

Yes – we offer all three protocols with our proxy ISP pool.

Can I get rotating residential

Absolutely. You can learn more about the most ethically sourced residential proxies here. To start using these high-power proxies, click here.

What types and locations are offered?

Currently we offer US, and UK and German dedicated IPs as part of our ISP static IP solution.

How do these proxies work?

After making your purchase, verify your email address and then log into your proxy dashboard. Click “Manage my IPv4 proxies” and complete the IP authorization process. You will then be able to download and use your ISP proxy or proxies.

How can I learn more?

If you have a question that’s not answered above, you can contact us here.