Rotating Residential Proxies (Beta)

Try our ethically sourced residential proxies for as low as $2/GB/month!

Too many providers cloud the residential conversation with their lack of care for customers and their unethical sourcing tactics. Not Blazing SEO. We are hand-selecting a limited number of participants to try our residential proxies in exchange for product feedback. By becoming a beta tester, you can gain value from residential proxies at rock bottom prices.

What makes our residential proxies special? Hear it from our CEO.

Who Qualifies?

We are looking for enterprise clients who can commit to our strict vetting process and use case requirements. We diligently vet our business clients because we hold ourselves to this commitment: if we can’t do this ethically, we won’t do it at all.
You can learn more about our ethical acquisition and usage policies here.
Commitment to strict vetting process
Enterprise clients with business data needs
Use case: web data extraction


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a residential proxy?

Unlike datacenter proxies, residential proxies are sourced through an internet service provider. These proxies reduce bans and improve efficiency by allowing users to be seen as connections coming from individual residences, not data centers.

How do you make sure these proxies are ethically sourced?

Blazing SEO only sources residential proxies from users who have manually and intentionally granted permission. These partners are able to limit the conditions in which their connections may be used, and they are able to opt-out at any time. All users are fairly compensated for their participation.

You can read more about our ethical standards for sourcing and usage of proxies here.

How does the beta testing process work?

After filling out the form above, our sales team will let you know if you qualify for beta testing. If eligible, you will receive all the necessary credentials to get started right away. Through periodic check-ins, our team will collect your feedback on the product and processes.

Do you limit bandwidth?

Our beta testers are only limited by the amount of bandwidth they pay for up front.

How can I learn more?

If you have a question that’s not answered above, you can contact us here.

Sign up for the beta today and see the Blazing SEO difference for yourself risk-free!