Free Proxy Management From Blazing SEO!

Manage cooldowns, retries, and more using a simple interface.

Free Proxy Management From Blazing SEO!

Manage cooldowns, retries, and more using a simple interface.

Introducing Proxy Pilot!

Here at Blazing SEO, we know proxies better than anyone – with nearly a decade of trusted expertise to prove it. Put our expertise to work for you with Proxy Pilot, the free all-in-one proxy management application that will make your scraping projects run more efficiently than ever.

For now, the project is only in beta – but it’s already creating results for users just like you. Interested in trying Proxy Pilot for yourself? Fill out this form and let’s get started!

What Proxy Pilot Does:

Handles Retries

Never worry about complex retry and rotation logic again! Our system will detect any bans or blocks your proxies encounter and automatically do the retry on your behalf.

Handles Cooldown Logic

What’s better than dealing with blocks? Not getting blocked in the first place. Spam a site with as many requests as possible is not an efficient way to get the data you need, which is why Proxy Pilot manages appropriate cooldowns between reusing each IP.

Detects Bans

Detecting bans can be tricky, but our system is capable of using multiple strategies to determine if your request was blocked and needs to be retried. We check for bans based on HTTP code, URL regex, and even parsing the full HTML!

Supports Geo-Targeting

Need to route your traffic to a proxy in Germany for URL A, but to Canada for URL B? No problem – simply pass a custom header in your call to Proxy Pilot and we will route the traffic appropriately.

Provides Advanced Statistics

Want to know how many blocks happened on a specific URL in the past 4 hours? Get the data insights you need by using our ELK-powered dashboard to visualize your data. See what it looks like here.

How To Manage IPs With Proxy Pilot

Setting up Proxy Pilot takes less than ten minutes! In order to use Proxy Pilot, you need to just add a few lines of code to your existing software so that we can decrypt your proxy connections and read the HTML pages for the ban detection. This setup takes most developers less than 10 minutes to add the few lines of code to their existing software.

We work hard to make the setup process as simple as possible and will provide you with all the assistance and resources you need. We offer 1-on-1 support in Slack for all interested beta users, and you can read our full documentation here or contact our VP of Technology using the email address on the beta signup form.

  • Nobody knows your business as well as you do. The last thing you want to worry about is cooldowns and rotations when you could be doing what you love: providing value to your users. So stop stressing about IP management, strap in, and let Proxy Pilot fly you to new heights of success today!