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Clean, Virgin, C Blocks Now Available!

(256 Proxies per Block)

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Blazing SEO is proud to announce our latest product offering: Clean, Virgin, C Blocks! This means those of you who are having problems with your current IPs (Sneaker purchasing customers, Ticket customers, Google Scraping, Facebook, Social Media, etc) now can use these clean IPs to meet your goals! Many of you may know us from our popular proxy service – Blazing Proxies – which opened up sales in 2015. What many of you may not realize is that the infrastructure that we built with Blazing Proxies is owned and operated by our team. We are not resellers! Time and time again customers switch from their current proxy provider to our proxies and never turn back. Why? Because the quality is night and day. We’ve constantly tweaked and improved our custom proprietary proxy software over the past 2 years to get it where it is today, and people notice this. Now, we are introducing Clean, Private, /24 C Blocks!


Full Control
You can rent the FULL /24 C block from us. This is advantageous because most banning on websites occurs on a C block level (after individual IPs). By knowing you are the only person on a C block, you can be certain to control the quality of traffic you are sending to the sites you are connecting to. If some of your IPs get banned, you now will know that you need to adjust your scripts/usage to not get any further IPs banned.
Extreme Vetting
We will allow pre-approved clients to rent our IP blocks only to ensure the quality of our IP blocks for the long term use. Non-approved clients will be able to keep buying from our current pool of proxies that we lease from other ISPs. This new ‘premium proxy’ offering is being structured so that you know the blocks are VERY clean before you even use them. Our current proxy offering are leased IPs from various ISPs, which we have no control over their past customers. This will also ensure our ASN remains reputable as a clean IP provider.
Clean Blocks
All the blocks we are acquiring leading up to our mid-May release have been analyzed closely before purchase. Most of the blocks have been with small ‘mom and pa’ IT shops for many years (one block we acquired last week had been with a small IT shop since 1970!). For those of you who do advanced scraping and crawling with proxies, you will know the importance of having extremely clean IP blocks to use. With our careful consideration of such blocks, the aforementioned point will ensure that our blocks remain clean. Furthermore, we are purchasing small blocks which will have very good diversity on A and B class subnets.
Denoted Usage
We will require all clients to provide us a list of URLs they will use our IPs on, and we will restrict their connectivity to those URLs. This will ensure maximum control over abusive activity that would otherwise hurt the reputation of the IP addresses. Due to the high costs of acquiring IP blocks outright, your rate for the IPs will be greatly discounted if you buy for more than 1 month. The prices below are based on buying a single /24 (256 IPs). If you wish to buy more than 1 block, please contact us to ask for a bulk discount.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

256 IPs (1x /24): 1 month, month-to-month = $448.00 ($1.75/IP/mo)
256 IPs (1x /24): 3 months, paid up front = $384.00 ($1.50/IP/mo)
256 IPs (1x /24): 6 months, paid up front = $294.40 ($1.15/IP/mo)
256 IPs (1x /24): 12 months, paid up front= $230.40 ($0.90/IP/mo) (Larger terms available upon request)

*NOTE: The minimum quantity to order is a single block, which is 256 IP addresses. These clean, virgin, IPs are not available for orders of less than 1 full block.

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