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When you decide to make Blazing SEO your Taiwan proxy provider, you’ll get an incomparable experience with browsing, security, web scraping, streaming, and customer service.

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Starter purchase pricing starts at

$2.50 for a dedicated Taiwan IP addresses proxy when you get 5 to 99 IP addresses

Personal purchase pricing starts at

$2.38/IP for 100-999 Taiwan proxy IP addresses

Corporate purchase pricing starts at

$2.25 per dedicated IP address for your Taiwan proxy

Enterprise purchase pricing starts at

$0.65 for a US dedicated IP address when you get more than 5,000 Taiwan proxy IP addresses

Get Secure Taiwan Proxies With:

Unlimited Threads, Unmetered Bandwidth

Other large proxy companies lure in customers with prices that seem cheaper than ours, then charge extra for bandwidth. We don’t do that, and never will. The price you see on that sidebar is the price you’re going to pay – and no matter how much bandwidth your project consumes, we won’t shut it down.

If you’re looking for a fast Taiwan proxy with no charge for extra bandwidth, you’ve found the right place.

Superior Subnet Diversity

Reduce your risk of bans and waiting for new IP addresses because of Blazing SEO’s diverse C-class subnets for all Taiwan web proxy options.

Fit For Enterprise

Get the best competitive prices for your Taiwan proxy when you buy in bulk for your business, with the guarantee of speed and reliability.

A Superior Uptime Guarantee

For our IPs, we control the infrastructure all the way up to the bandwidth provider. This means we have significantly more control over all aspects that can affect uptime than other providers. Our huge 24/7 monitoring system immediately notifies our engineers of any minor and major issues that need attention.

Trust that your web proxy Taiwan provider will be able to address any problem that comes up and be able to give you the best advice about how to use your Taiwan proxy site.

Taiwan Web Proxy Features

When you buy a Taiwan IP address proxy, you can count on getting the most reliable customer service, the most bandwidth, and the fastest speeds.

Use any browser–your Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome proxy with Taiwan setting–to see how much you can get with a Blazing SEO Taiwan proxy.

Why get your Taiwan proxy from Blazing SEO?

Blazing SEO provides unparalleled service to all of our customers, from individual users to enterprise customers. Since we service so many different types of clients, we have probably addressed any use case that you have for your Taiwan proxy. You can gain access to content that is only available in Taiwan and also use your Taiwan proxy to do big web scraping projects. We have proxies for all protocols—HTTP, HTTP(S), and SOCKS—so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Blazing SEO also has dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating proxies to address however you may want to use your Taiwan proxy.

How To Use A Taiwan Proxy

  • Common Taiwan Use Cases
    • Secure web browsing
    • Buy from Taiwan online proxy
    • Watch YouTube proxy Taiwan
    • Watch shows from Taiwan with a Taiwan proxy
    • Web scrape for SEO keywords, market research, and so much more information with a Taiwan proxy
    • Stronger Internet security because of anonymity from proxy Taiwan IP address
    • And whatever else you might need from your Taiwan proxy!

If this is your first time using proxy IPs, this blog post and these knowledge base articles will help you get set up. And you can always reach out to our friendly and experienced 24/7 support team if you have any questions or concerns!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you limit bandwidth?

For these proxies, we do cap usage at 200 GB. But we don’t charge extra for bandwidth, unlike some of our competitors who charge up to $600 for that much bandwidth on their static residential IPs.

Why do these proxies cost more than Blazing SEO’s other IPs?

We can guarantee that each Taiwan proxy we offer works better. We’ve tested these IPs ourselves, and they perform much better than our data center IPs for use cases that require a high degree of authority.

Do you offer HTTP, HTTP(S), and SOCKS premium proxies?

Yes – we offer all three protocols.

Should I get a dedicated or rotating Taiwan proxy?

It depends on your needs. If you want to use a proxy IP address for personal security, Taiwan proxy shopping, and unblocking global content, a dedicated (or cheaper semi-dedicated) Taiwan proxy is right for you. If you’re an enterprise with more extensive needs, a rotating proxy is probably the right call.

How do these proxies work?

After buying a Taiwan proxy, verify your email address and then log into your proxy dashboard. Click “Manage my IPv4 proxies” and complete the IP authorization process. You will then be able to download your premium proxies and use them.

How can I learn more about Taiwan proxies?

 If you have any more questions that we haven’t answered, reach out and we’ll be able to help you out.

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