Need anonymity? You need a VPN!

VPNs are the newest fad...for a reason

Did you know that ISPs in the US have gotten permission from Congress to sell your home internet usage data without any repercussions? Are you using public wifi at airports, hotels, or coffee shops?

Don't skimp on security and protection - use a Blazing SEO VPN today to protect your web activity!

Features of Blazing VPN

Setup Once - Stay Forever Protected

Our simple step-by-step picture guide to setting up your VPN could not be easier. If that is too offputting, let our 24/7 customer support team help you one-on-one to setup your VPN on your device(s). Skype screen share, live chat, and ticket support are all available to get you up and running!

Up to 10 Devices! (Beta)

Lock your beta package in today and receive up to 10 simultaneous connections to your VPN. That's right, $12/yr and you'll be able to use your VPN on up to 10 devices simultaneously for life!

Limited Logging of Your Activity!

We do not log, or store, your data transfer. The only thing we do log, for improvement and debugging user feedback, is your start and end time on your connections, your source IP, and your connecting IP. We do not strive to be the most anonymous VPN provider that logs NOTHING, but we will be the cheapest and most reliable for people that need their home internet and traveling connectivity secured from peering hackers.

Tough Encryption (OpenVPN Support)

Using the widely accepted OpenVPN protocol, our system boasts 2048-bit RSA encryption with SHA-256. Good luck getting in hackers!

Multiple Locations (Coming Soon)

As part of our $12/yr beta testing period we currently allow VPN protection through our Los Angeles, CA datacenter. Coming soon will be accessbility to our New York and Arizona datacenters. Lock your price in today to reap all these benefits for life!

Why Choose Blazing SEO VPN?

Rock solid reputation

No need for cunning sales pressure here - just search our name online and you'll see for yourself that you are in good hands!

Build a vendor relationship

With our many other services (proxies, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud servers), building a relationship today with Blazing SEO will allow for discounts on our other products.


Our goal was not to be the fanciest User Interface, or have a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles. Instead, our goal was to provide hardened security for your everyday use - and not charge an arm and a leg for it.

Caring Customer Support

Many may think this cheap price means poor quality and bad support - wrong! Our dedicated 24/7, customer support team will go the lengths to help your problems (even hop on a screenshare with you!)

Ready to Get Started?

Locking in your $12/yr beta pricing today grants you this price for life as long as you remain a client. This means you will receive all new features as our product grows - for a tiny monthly payment.  

How serious are YOU about your internet security?